Introducing PEACEPlan Health

A level-funded health insurance plan designed to help the small to mid-sized company control healthcare costs. This type of plan allows employers to separate fixed costs from actuarial set funding factors for claims that the employers pay. These factors are set to a maximum amount and then protected by additional stop-loss insurance coverage. If the employer over funds their claims pool, they will be eligible for a portion of the surplus.

PEACEPlan Includes

  • Our Technology
  • Advocacy
  • Primary Care
  • Transparent Pharmacy
  • Specialty Pharmacy National Network
  • Telemedicine
  • Behavioral Health
  • Vision Benefits


At PEACEPlan we strive to create high quality, level-funded health benefit solutions for employers that are competitively priced. Prevention and personalized advocacy for every Member helps guide them away from unnecessary procedures and expensive providers to lower cost, higher quality care.


The PEACEPlan was designed to give you peace of mind because:
We understand healthcare is complicated for virtually everyone.

  • When your employee or a loved one doesn’t feel well, what do you do? You do what you have always done, you guess at the best possible action.
  • What if your employees and dependents had an App that connected them directly to their own personal healthcare advocate for their own healthcare plan?
  • What if this advocate is available 24/7 to answer their questions immediately?
  • What if that advocate was able to direct them to the appropriate care for their immediate concern and that care was the highest quality for the lowest cost for both the employee and the employer?
  • What if your employee had access to all their personal information at the touch of their fingertip and did not have to reach out to internal resources out of privacy concerns?
  • What if your employees had options for their prescriptions through their plan or at the same time a discount card on their phone when they were picking up their prescription?
  • What if they could access a behavioral health expert directly, in a highly confidential manner?
  • What if they had direct access to a primary care physician at no cost to them?
  • How reassuring that your employees were getting the best possible care for the best possible price for everyone?
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The unique features of the solution are:

  • A smart phone and tablet application that gives Members immediate access to plan benefits and service firms
  • Stand-alone benefit plan for smaller employers
  • Preventative services and primary care physician (“PCP”) visits covered at no cost to Members
  • Captive Insurance to ensure the integrity and availability of aggregate paid in claims funds
  • 24/7 Member access to experienced advocacy coaches for:
    • Assistance with PCP selection and scheduling PCP/other provider visits;
    • Understanding treatment options, provider choices and how to navigate the healthcare system;
    • Providing behavioral health support, affecting nearly 1 in 5 Americans;
    • Using Healthcare Bluebook online price/quality tools to find high value providers
  • Coverage of telemedicine at no Member expense for online, non-emergency medical consultations that don’t require visits to hospital emergency rooms, urgent care centers or physician offices
  • Easy Member access to nurse care managers for timely and cost-effective treatment of complex, costly and/or high technology services
  • Transparent pharmacy benefits with significantly reduced cost for Members
  • Pricing for health benefits is expected to be below competing insurers and third-party administrators