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Stay informed and connected with the PEACEPlan mobile app. Our free mobile app can help you maximize your health benefits in a seamless way to make sure you are always in control and give you peace-of-mind.

The PEACEPlan mobile app will help you:

advocate connnection

Connect with Your Advocate

24/7 Support

Check Your Eligibility

Can You Apply?
track spending

Track Spending

Manage Your Account
find a doctor

Find a Doctor

Quick Access
id card

View Your ID Card

Review Your Information
Benefit Details

View Your Benefits in Detail

Be In The Know
Claim Status

Check the Status on Your Claim

Fits In Your Timeline
accurate coverage

Ensure Your Dependent Coverage is Accurate

Review Your Information

Access Your Prescription Discount Card Information

Discount Info On-demand

Get Questions Answered

Find Answers

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