Benefit Management and Oversight for Employers

Claims Cost Control and Stewardship of Allocated Funds

PEACEPlan’s Advocacy-Based Care Management model will allow your employees to optimize their benefits by ensuring that high quality, low-cost providers are utilized as often as possible. This will control both out-of-pocket costs to employees, and control the total claims cost to employers while not adversely impacting employees.

Accessing Claims Surplus

Claims surplus refunds will be made available six months after the close of the plan/benefit year. Employers can review their Administrative Services Agreement for details.

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PEACEPlan benefits and funding comply with all regulatory requirements in both the fiscal management and technology services area.

Why Change?

Employers, now more than ever, have the ability to gain visibility and control of health benefits through an innovative product like PEACEPlan. We have made it easy by curating market competitive benefits, embedding key feature like Primary Care, Vision, and Discount Drug Card, securing on the stop-loss coverages, and providing an Advocate for your employees.

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You’ve Got Control of your Financial Destiny

We have designed the PEACEPlan with you and your employees in mind. Your employees now have control over their decisions on how to spend their healthcare dollars. They also have support navigating the healthcare system. Through our technology, advocacy, primary care access, and price & quality transparency, you now have access to financial information you have not seen before which will allow you to have more control of your Healthcare spend for the company and employees.