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Healthcare is Complicated

Single greatest understatement of our time . . .

The PEACEPlan was designed to give you peace of mind because:
We understand healthcare is complicated for virtually everyone. The PEACEPlan wants you to be able to understand the cost of care BEFORE you need it. This can stop you from overusing it, and spending your hard-earned dollars needlessly for services you simply do not need or are duplicated or are simply not safe.

The PEACEPlan is the solution.

Future of Healthcare

Exponential change is coming to healthcare for employers. New business models are emerging that focus on consumer-centric care to drive improvements in the well-being of employees and dependents (“Members”).

Problems with Health Plan Designs in the Current Market

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Stay informed and connected with the PEACEPlan mobile app. Our free mobile app can help you maximize your health benefits in a seamless way to make sure you are always in control and give you peace-of-mind.

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